Not all weight loss is healthy

For years people have been obsessed with weight loss, getting on the scales every day to see how well they are doing on their particular diet.  News flash! Not all weight loss is healthy but you don’t hear this from 99% of diets. You could walk into nearly any diet club in the world and get a pat on the back for losing a few pounds, regardless of where that weight was lost.


When most of us set out to lose weight we are imagining a slimmer healthier version of ourselves.The key word here is healthier, this sometimes gets lost in our quest to lose weight. Now I’m not saying don’t weigh yourself but what I am saying is that there are better ways to track how well you are doing and I’ll explain why.

If your goal is not just to lose weight but to look healthier and feel better then we need to understand a little bit about our bodies. The first thing that is worth knowing is that a little bit of muscle weighs the same as a lot of fat, so if you are on a healthy diet that is giving your body the correct amount of protein and nutrition then your muscle size may increase, even a tiny increase will add weight to you, you may still be losing body fat but if all you do is measure your result on the scales you might be a little disheartened to find that you haven’t actually lost much weight and in some cases you may even have gained a bit.

This is why measuring your body with a measuring tape is a much better way to track your result. We should be looking at our body composition rather than numbers on a scale. You might get on the scales one day and see that you have lost a couple of pounds and feel great for it, but those couple of pounds may be muscle mass or bone mass and this is definitely not the place that you want to lose weight from. Having strong muscle and bones are essential to our health, we need to preserve them not just for today but for our future self. Look after yourself today and you will be looking after yourself tomorrow.

Ultimately you want to look good, so measure yourself on how you look not how much you weigh. People don’t see how much we weigh they see how we look. Take a picture of yourself when you start your new program and then take another one a couple of weeks later. If the program you are doing is giving you all the nutrients you need and not just starving you, you won’t just have lost body fat but you will have started to regenerate healthy hair skin nails as well as healthier bone and muscle mass.

You want to feel good not just look good. Our bodies are regenerating all the time, what you put in your body will be used to regenerate new cells, you get a completely new body in two years, 98% in under a year. By having the right nutrition you will regenerate new strong healthy cells and that how you get that healthy glow. Starving yourself isn’t going to achieve this and not getting the right nutrition will just lead to a breakdown in the body as we get older. Find a healthy lifestyle that you can do forever not just a few weeks leading up to a holiday or a wedding.

Two last points that you would have all heard.

The most important meal of the day is your breakfast, FACT. How you start your day will impact on the rest of the day.

Don’t use it and lose it, FACT. If you are not using your body the muscles will become soft and will no longer have the ability to support the rest of your body. A little bit of exercise will go a long way towards preventing future problems





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