The 4 types of people in Network Marketing

The Client

This person just takes the products and has no interest in the business opportunity 

The Discount clients 

A fan of the product, normally a loyal client who signs up to receive a discount, sometime this person will eventually take a look at the opportunity.

The Retailers

This member has learned some basic skills and understand the benefits of the products, they may have got themselves a great product result and find it easy talking to people about the products and getting clients.

They normally have a few members who follow their lead and do exactly the same as them. Lots of retailers normally set out to become business builders but don’t embrace the whole business and try and build their business their own way.

Unfortunately unless they decide to learn the skills to develop downline members correctly, they will normally become disheartened and give up, they will scratch their heads make excuse blame other people and say the business doesn’t work no matter how many time you try and point out where they are fulling short. 

( We all have to be coachable to succeed in this industry)

The Business builders

A dedicated member/leader who has taken ownership of their own business, they set their own goals and help their downline do the same, they teach, mentor, encourage and lead by example.

They attend all major events and training, you don’t have to ask a business builder to attend anything as they are normally waiting for the tickets to become available. These guys can see the bigger picture and work hard to achieve their goals. 

NOTE: It is very important to know who is who in your organisation, you can waste hours days weeks months and years working with members who just don’t have the same desire and understanding as yourself. 

Be patient with members as it can take years for some of them to embrace the whole opportunity and treat it more like a business rather than a hobby, so work with them at their pace. Encourage them to attend the major events, if they hang around long enough they will normally finally attend a major events and it’s there that they will finally be inspired to take this opportunity seriously and to the next level. 

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