Why I never miss my Herbalife breakfast


I am 43 years old and have suffered from restless leg syndrome my entire life, which means I hardly ever get a good night sleep. I also spent the best part of my life swallowing pain killers due to suffering from headaches and migraines. This started to catch up on me during my 30s, I was always tired and feeling lethargic, this made me to feel very miserable and unhappy, especially at work which led to more health problems that were stress related, I was not in good health.

As I mentioned in a previous blog I wasn’t looking for Herbalife, I had actually never heard of it. I was invited to a meeting to take a look at the business opportunity. I loved the sound of the opportunity so I started my own business selling these products. I didn’t get off to a great start and nearly gave up. I kept hearing people say, if you don’t take the products yourself your business will fail. This went in one ear and straight out the other.

Out side of Network Marketing business I’m an actor, around the time I was just about to give up my Network Marketing business my agent called me with a casting, it was  TV role playing a drug addict in a BBC show called The Interceptor. Now my brother had actually got a great result off of the products losing a lot of body fat, I wanted to lose some body fat for this casting as I believed the character would be a lot skinnier than me, so I started to take the products properly.

I only had a couple of days but it must of helped because I got the part. Now that I had started to take it properly I continued to do so, the shakes tasted great and the tea was giving me loads of energy. It was easy to make and I actually looked forward to my morning shake. It was only after quite a few months that I was able to look back and realise that I was just so much more healthier, I was no longer feeling tired or lethargic and I wasn’t getting as many headaches as before, the only headaches I seem to be getting now appeared to be eye strain related.

I now never miss my morning Herbalife routine, even if I go on holiday, I call this damage limitation. On holiday I basically eat what I want but as long as I’m getting my daily supply Herbalife Nutrition with my shake tea and Aloe the damage I’m doing is limited. I still have the odd take away or two and love eating out.

I have now realised that a lot of the things that I had wrong with me in the past must of been down to my bad diet. I never want to feel like that again and thats why I never miss my Herbalife breakfast.

Here is one of my favourite shakes

Vanilla Formula One, 2 scoops. Protein Drink Mix 1 scoop, half a banana, 10 to 14 ice cubes ( that is a lot of ice I know ) and water DELICIOUS !!



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