My 4 years building a Herbalife business

My journey in the Herbalife business started with my brother in law constantly inviting me to an opportunity meeting. I wasn’t interested, I kept finding excuses not to go. Then one day he called and asked me what was I doing right now, I said i’m doing nothing, he said great I’m going to pick you up and take you to that meeting.
We arrived at the meeting, I sat at the back with my arms crossed and thought I hope this isn’t long. The room was packed full of people and one thing I did notice was that most of the people in the room looked very healthy.

The meeting lasted for about 4o minutes, by the end i couldn’t sign up quick enough. The product result testimonies by the clients and members were very impressive and the opportunity sounded amazing. I was excited and joined that night.
I didn’t get off to a great start, I tried selling the products and hardly anyone was interested except a few close friends and family. I was trying to sell the products with out taking them properly myself, I would have the odd shake once or twice a week.

Then one day I just decided to take the products properly, it was recommended to have the shake tea and Aloe every morning for breakfast so I did. I can’t quite remember when I noticed it but I started to have a lot of energy. Now i’ve always struggled to sleep, so I was use to feeling very tired a lethargic, all of a sudden I was no longer tired and had loads of energy. Then one day on a little trip to Hungary my wife insisted I get in the photo that she was taking of an old church, I’m not so keen on being in pictures, so I reluctantly did so. After I asked to see the picture, as I didn’t want her posting any pictures of me up that I did’t like. It was in the picture that saw how much weight I had lost and how much healthier i looked than normal. I then insisted on being in every picture after that.

Now that I myself had felt the effects of the products and got a result myself, it become a whole lot easier getting clients and looking after them. Four years on and I have lots of happy clients and members. The success of my business is completely down to getting my own product result. The team is growing by the day, I look back now with relief that I finally went to that meeting that my brother in law was insisting I at least take a look at and I am very grateful that I did and for the life that it has given me.

If you are interested in trying the products for yourself, or you have any questions that I can help with, feel free to contact me at via the chat link, I will get back to you 🙂

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