Must read Network Marketing books

There are many books written on the subject of Network Marketing. The list below are a few of my favourites and in my opinion must reads for anyone who is serious about growing a successful business. Personally I don’t think you even need to be in Network Marketing to enjoy these books and gain the vast wisdom that they offer. Lots of the lessons in these books can be used in your life and across many different industries.

The first book I recommend is Go pro 7 network marketing

This book is a must read for anyone starting out in Network Marketing, Eric Worre brilliant book gives you a complete overview of the whole business from beginning  to end. I would say this is the Network Marketing bible and would not only encourage everyone to read it but also encourage you to encourage your downline to read this the second they join your organisation. I have listened to this book over seven times and as I progress through my own journey I find that I relate to different parts of the book with my own experience. I purchased this book in audio from iTunes


Build an Empire: The Most Complete Blueprint to Building a Massive Network Marketing Business

This is an incredible book by Brian Carruthers, I wish I had found it earlier. This is another book that I’m constantly promoting to my downline as a must read. Learning the lessons in this book will speed up your progression in this industry. It is stacked full of advice and tips, this is not a book you read once, you will want to study it over and over, it really is the complete blue print to building a massive Network Marketing business, if you apply the lessons taught in this book and take the advice there is no reason why you wouldn’t succeed in this industry. I can quite honestly say this book has massively helped me. I purchased this book in audio form from iTunes.


Building your network marketing business

Jim Rohn is a legend in the world of Network Marketing, positive thinking and self development. We will be quoting Jim Rohn until the end of time. His advice is timeless, every sentence is full of wisdom and you come away feeling enlightened from his advice and life lessons. Building Your Own Network Marketing book is one of many books and audiobooks that you will be able to find from the great man. I recommend that everyone should listen to Jim Rohn even if you are not planning on building a business.

Study the three books above and become a master at Network Marketing. There are many books on the subject and I have listened to many of them. I will add more recommendation. Please feel free to add your recommendations in the comment section below.

” For things to change, we have to change” Jim Rohn

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