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Herbalife Nutrition

Herbalife Nutrition 

Weight-loss Tone Up and Health Goals

Our Goal

To help you get in shape, look good and feel good. We focus our attention on your body composition, this is your body shape. Our goal is to help you lose body fat while giving your body all the nutrition it needs to function at the highest level. 

The three programs below are perfect to get you started on you new Herbalife healthy lifestyle diet. Click on the shop now button to have the products delivered right to your doorstep, or to a location that suits you

Other options

Follow the menu bar at the top of the page for more Herbalife product choices.  We also offer a VIP option where you can sign up and get your own products at a 25% discount.

For more information  feel free to contact me though our chat box below  🙂

Customers out side the uk contact me for orders.

Starter Breakfast Kit

The Herbalife starter kit comes with our flag ship  Formula 1 meal shake which provides all your RDA with an excellent balance of high quality protein from soy and milk  plus essential micronutrients.The Herbalife tea concentrate offers energy to help boost the metabolism and encourage weight loss. One-half teaspoon of the tea concentrate mixed with a hot or cold beverage helps to burn up to 70 calories a cup.

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Ideal Breakfast Kit

The Herbalife ideal breakfast has the Aloe vera concentrate  drink added. With over 75  nutrients the Aloe vera is good for your hair skin and nails, it also assists the digestive system and strengthens our immune  system 


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Advanced Breakfast Kit

The Herbalife advanced breakfast kit comes with the Protein Drink Mix, which is ideal for boosting our protein intake plus it mixes with water, so you can add it to your breakfast shake and use water instead of milk when making your shake 


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